Arduino Nano Screw Terminal Shield Expansion Board


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Connect your nano via standard wires to your inputs and output.

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Welcome to the world of seamless hardware prototyping! The Arduino Nano Screw Terminal Shield Expansion Board is designed to simplify your electronic projects by enabling a swift and secure connection to inputs and outputs without any soldering required.

This expansion board is the perfect companion for both beginners and experienced makers. If you’re starting your journey into electronics or a seasoned enthusiast, this board makes it hassle-free to extend the capabilities of your Arduino Nano.


  • Compatible with Arduino Nano
  • Screw terminal for each of the Arduino Nano’s pins
  • Voltage: compatible with the operating voltage of the Arduino Nano
  • Dimensions: tailor-made to fit the Arduino Nano footprint


  • Prototyping electronic circuits
  • DIY home automation
  • Educational projects in schools
  • Robotics and engineering design
  • Custom IoT devices


  • Use color-coded wires to keep track of your connections
  • Make sure all connections are tight to ensure solid contact
  • Test your connections with a multimeter before powering up
  • Label your screw terminals if you plan to disconnect and reconnect wires frequently
  • Consider using the shield in a project enclosure to protect it from environmental factors

With technical sophistication paired with user-friendly design, this screw terminal shield expands your development capabilities and brings your projects to life with ease and reliability.

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