L298N Stepper Motor Driver Dual H Bridge for Arduino


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Control stepper motors using an Arduino or Raspberry Pi.

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This L298N Motor Driver Module is a high-power motor driver module for driving DC and Stepper Motors. This module consists of an L298 motor driver IC and a 78M05 5V regulator. L298N Module can control up to 4 DC motors, or 2 DC motors with directional and speed control.

The L298N is a dual H-Bridge motor driver which allows speed and direction control of two DC motors at the same time. … If the motor supply voltage is up to 12V we can enable the 5V regulator and the 5V pin can be used as output, for example for powering our Arduino board.

  • If you send a HIGH signal to the enable 1 pin, motor A is ready to be controlled and at the maximum speed.
  • If you send a LOW signal to the enable 1 pin, motor A turns off.
  • If you send a PWM signal, you can control the speed of the motor. The motor speed is proportional to the duty cycle.


  • Driver chip: L298N dual H-bridge driver chip
  • Motor drive supply voltage: 5 V ~ 35 V
  • Motor drive peak current: 2A / Bridge
  • Logic voltage: 4.5-5.5V
  • Logic supply current range: 0 ~ 36mA
  • Control signal input voltage range: 4.5-5.5V
  • Maximum power consumption: 20W
  • Storage temperature: -25℃ ~ 130 ℃
  • Driver Board Size: 55mm * 60mm * 30mm
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