LM2596 Voltage Regulator Adjustable Step-Down Buck + Voltmeter


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High efficiency, low power consumption adjustable step-down/buck voltage regulator module based on LM2596.

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  • Adjustable output voltage range: 1.25V-37V continuously adjustable (input voltage must be higher than the output voltage)
  • Maximum output current: 3A (when above 2A a heat sink is recommended)
  • Voltmeter range: 0-40v
  • Voltmeter accuracy: ± 0.1V (Note: To ensure the accuracy of the voltmeter, please ensure that the input voltage is at least 4V)
  • Button to switch between measuring input or output voltage, and LED to show whether input or output voltage is being displayed
  • Settings are preserved after power is disconnected
  • Hold button down for 3 seconds to turn off LED display, press button again to turn on the LED display
    Internal oscillation frequency 150KHz, belonging to the second generation of switching voltage regulator, low power consumption, high efficiency

Model A

  • Dimensions: 56.3mm x 35.4mm (approx.)

Model B

  • Dimensions: 65mm x 39.2mm (approx.)


  • Ensure the LED on the right of the voltmeter display is on when adjusting voltage. If the LED on the left of the voltmeter is on then it is display input voltage, not output voltage.
  • If turning the potentiometer does not affect the voltage then the potentiometer may be out of range. Continue turning until it comes back into range and displayed voltage begins to change. It may take many revolutions before the potentiometer comes back into range. If turning many revolutions in one direction still does not cause the voltage to change then turn it in the opposite direction for many revolutions until it does.
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Model A, Model B


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