USB Boost Step-Up Power Supply Module 600ma Blue/1A Red


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Boost/step-up voltage to a USB power supply.

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Specifications (Blue)

  • Input voltage: 0.9-5V DC
  • Mini PFM Control
  • Output voltage: 5V DC
  • Output Current: 500-600mA
  • High conversion efficiency, maximum to 96%

Specifications (Red)

  • Module properties: Non-isolated step-up/boost module
  • Input voltage: 2.5-6V DC
  • Output voltage: 5V DC
  • Output current: 1000mA (Max)
  • Efficiency: 92% max (the higher the input voltage, the higher the efficiency)
  • Switching frequency: 1MHz
  • Output ripple: 20mV (MAX)
  • Operating temperature: Industrial (-40°c to +85°c)
  • Voltage regulation: ±2.5%
  • Short circuit protection: None (please use the lithium battery with protection)
  • Output: USB output
  • Size: 3 x 1.3 x 0.8cm
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Blue 600ma, Red 1A


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